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In Biozea we are providing you with solutions to make parking places more comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly. Attract more customers, amaze them right at your gates and become a leader in the implementation of new ecological solutions.


Green parking

The goal of our solutions is to create an ecological and pleasing environment for parking and relaxation and simultaneously reduce the overheating of large areas. We offer 3 versions of our solutions, and we are ready to fulfil any customers requests and requirements from simple to demanding ones, of course with regard to their financial budget. Our products are applicable not just in front of department stores with large parking lots but also in small places reserved for parking, like near the apartment buildings or even houses. At the same time, the solution is easily applicable to areas like parks or squares, where you can find large uncovered areas and due to insufficient water access, trees cannot be planted. We would like to sell the products to different shopping centres, companies, private parking spaces and also individuals.


About us

Our team wants to make your parking places more beautiful, nature-friendly and functional. In addition to our products, we want to educate the public about the problem of Urban heat islands and conduct a survey of a public opinion on this problem. 

As we already mentioned, our goal is not just to promote our products, but we would also like to educate individuals and communities about the problem of Urban heat islands through our Instagram account - biozea_eu. What is our motivation to do that? The results of the questionnaires we used are clear! Just a little less than 50% of people know about the Urban heat islands and their effects, but those who know think that this problem should be solved. Therefore is the Education in this field a must!


CEO - Monika Majerčíková

PhD student

Polymer chemistry and bioapplications

CTO - Andrej Baláž

PhD student



CPO - Gabriela Világi

BSc student


CMO - Alexandra Andrišinová

BSc student

Nutritional and Food science

Take Our Quiz
Would you support supermarkets with green parking lots by shopping in their shops?
How would you rate the problem of overheated parking lots?
Would you choose a supermarket with a green parking lot over a regular one, which is closer and easier for you to reach?
Would you pay more for parking if you knew that your car won't be overheated when you come back?
Do you consider a green parking lot as a solution for Urban heat islands?

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